Tomorrow marks the first game of minor league baseball.But before the games begin we at Yanks Beat Blog intend to give our readers a primer on each affiliates' roster. So far I have reviewed the Charleston Riverdogs roster, but I intend to do every team if the necessary information is released. For whatever reason the Tampa Yankees hardly every get any coverage so it's doubtful I will have a definite roster, but I'm guessing I will be able to get the teams AAA roster before opening pitch.

For now lets focus on the team's AA roster. The teams roster isn't very deep, but it does have some of the organization's best prospects.

  1. Bryan Mitchell
  2. Jeremy Bleich
  3. Joel De La Cruz
  4. Zach Nudging
  5. Matt Tracy
  6. Jairo Heredia
  7. Aaron Dott
  8. Manny Barreda
  9. Branden Pinder
  10. Diego Moreno
  11. Charley Short
  12. Pat Venditte
  13. Cole Kimball
  14. C Fransisco Arcia
  15. C Tyson Blaser
  16. C Gary Sanchez
  17. SS Carmen Angelini
  18. SS Ali Castillo
  19. 2B Robert Refsnyder
  20. 3B Rob Segedin
  21. 3B Zach Wilson
  22. OF Taylor Dugas
  23. OF Ben Gamel
  24. OF Yeral Sanchez
  25. OF Mason Williams

Roster Analysis

The pitching depth at this level is probably thinner than it is in any other level. There is really only one really exciting name on this pitching staff--Bryan Mitchell-- and even he has some kinks to work on. Mitchell still has to prove that he has fixed his control, and that his secondary pitches can remain consistent. With that said Mitchell is one of my favorite prospects and I believe he can become an eventual major leaguer. His stuff is way too good to give up on. He has a plus fastball and a plus curve, and is reportedly working on a cutter to go with his changeup. He's a major candidate to be the system's breakout player of the year.

After Mitchell the next best pitching prospect on this team is... I guess it could really be anyone, after all this team is made up of a bunch of prospects that are kind of off the map. That isn't to say that they are all doomed or that they don't have talent, but rather that their stocks seem very low. Pitcher's like Bleich and Herdia were once decent prospects that have had to battle injuries in recent years. Both guys can get back on the map this season, but they have a lot to prove. The same can be said of Moreno and Kimball. Both can be decent relievers but have to prove they are over their injury riddled past. Kimball was once a solid major leaguer so he does have some decent upside. Kimball probably would be in AAA if that team wasn't so overloaded.

The team also has a trio of players that have seemingly come from nowhere to have decent minor league careers. Short, Dott, and De La Cruz, all have had nice careers but no one seems to think highly of them. Players like these can sometimes sneak into the majors and have decent careers, but I don't know how good these players truly are.

In my opinion the two sleeper prospects in this staff are Tracy and Pinder. Both players had a season last year but both have some potential. Pinder has the potential to be a decent back of the bullpen reliever. And Tracy has the capability of being a back-end starter. Tracy had control problems last season but was much better in 2012. It's important to remember he was injured last season, and actually had a good numbers for a portion of the season.

The Yankees have more high profile names on their offense. This team contains the Yankees best prospect in Sanchez, and a top-10 prospect in Williams. Both of these players could improve on their 2013 season. Williams was awful last year, and showed that even top prospects aren't perfect. He has a lost a lot of value over the past year, and needs to step up this season. He showed some tools this spring but will need to actually hit to be considered a top prospect.

The team really also has two very interesting players in Dugas and Refsnyder. Both of these players have good on-base skills, but don't have much other skills. Dugas has very little power, isn't that fast and isn't the best fielder. He is essentially a corner bat that can hit his way into the majors, but won't have the power to be a top player. He really is a Sam Fuld type player.

Refsnyder is a better prospect because the team made him a second baseman. At second his modest pop becomes acceptable. He will still need to prove his ability to play the position but he can be a good sleeper prospect if he sticks at second.

The Yankees other infielder's are nowhere near as interesting as Refsynder, though it's possible that WIlson, Segedin, or Angelini can put up good numbers this season. Wilson and Segedin both missed the majority of last season, but did well when they did play. Angelini is not really a prospect at this point in time, but once was once a highly paid draft choice. Injuries have killed his career and I kind of doubt he can recover from so much missed development time.

The team's best offensive sleeper may be Ben Gamel, who has done decently in his minor league career, but has to develop power. Power is usually the last tool to develop, but he is really running out of time. The Yankees have always seemed to like him, and they seem to believe he will develop power. Assuming Slade Heathcott and Tyler Austin aren't added to the team he should be able to play everyday and prove he can reach his power potential.