General Information:

DOB: 3/12/1993

HT: 6’0’’

WT: 190

Position: LHP


Mississippi State, Junior

Twitter: @JLindgren19

Prev. drafted: 2011, 12th (369) – CHC


Lindgren has always had good stuff, but his poor command and control has forced him to the pen. He has excelled in this role, and is the role the Yankees should keep him in. He had a 16.33 k/9, that’s Betances level good. Should he remain in the pen, he should shoot through the minor league season, and will be among the fastest players to reach the majors. Kendall Rogers, and Kiley McDaniel, both referenced the fact that he could make the majors this season.

Scouting Report:

Lindgren, is on the short side, and his listed height here—taken from—might be generous. With that said he has the frame of a taller pitcher, and really smaller pitchers aren’t known to get hurt more. He struggles with his delivery, and as a starter that has led to balls. With that said he has a deceptive delivery, and he is better at finding his proper release point as a reliever.  As a reliever he has a hard mid-90s fastball, a wipeout slider, and might throw a curve and change. His fastball and slider are his two best pitches, and gives him a dominant pitch combo out of the pen. His fastball was rated 60 on, and his slider was rated 65. His change was rated 45, his curve wasn’t mentioned. Overall gave him a 50 grade.

My Take:

Lindgren, reminds me a bit of what Mark Montgomery could be if he was a hard thrower. Montgomery dominated the minors before a shoulder injury last year, and is doing well again this year. Lindgren also has a better changeup than he does, but the comparison of their sliders is what’s important.

Overall I’m pleased with the selection, but really wanted a prep player, that they could mold into a good player. But they took a safer route, and picked a player that might help them this year. They need a lefty reliever, and adding another good reliever to the pen could really help them if they make the playoffs. He is capable of maintaining a Boone Logan type K rate, and should be a very exciting player. It’s not like he was ranked as a third round pick, the team didn’t reach to get him so it’s not a big deal. If the team had 1-3 first round picks again no one would complain about the pick.