General Information:

DOB: 4/14/1993

HT: 5’11

WT: 190 LBS

Position: Pitcher

B/T: L/L

College: TCU


In the past two drafts the Yankees have shown that they like to take prep lefties early. In general they seem to prefer to draft prep pitchers. But that might be because good college pitchers hardly ever fall to them. If one were to fall to them, they probably would take him. This draft they have a really small chance of getting a great college pitcher in Brandon Finnegan. In order for this to happen something would have to come up with his health within the next draft, but considering Finnegan has already missed time due to his shoulder I guess it’s possible.

Finnegan attends TCU, a college that is known for overworking starters. Recent alumni, Jake Arrieta, Andrew Cashner, and Matt Purke have all had arm problems after attending this program. While he was a bit overused, he did have great college numbers.  He had 3.30 ERA, and had struck a 142 batters in a 141 innings. He was always a good pitcher but took his game to another level when he learnt a new grip for his slider. He was taught this grip, by fellow team USA member Carlos Rondon, who just happens to be one this year’s best draft prospect.

Scouting Report

Finnegan is a three pitcher, he throws a fastball, a slider, and a changeup. His fastball is his top pitch, and it has reportedly hit tripe-digits in the past. He was officially clocked as hitting 98 MPH. He generally sits at 93-96. His slider is his out pitch, and is considered an above-average pitch. It sits in the mid-to-high 80s. His change is a below average pitch, but it has shown potential, and is a serviceable third pitch. He has a high effort delivery, which has led people to question his future as a starter. According to Matt Garioch from, Finnegan, has a ceiling of a number 2 starter, but might be relegated to the pen if his command doesn’t improve.


BA: 19 15 18

ESPN: 19

My Take:

Finnegan is obviously a very intriguing name, and really the only way he ever falls to the Yankees is if word gets out that his shoulder is messed up. Under that circumstance, one might wonder if the Yankees would even take him. I personally don’t think they do, because they didn’t sign Sam Stafford a few years back, when they realized his shoulder was bad. With that said they would be very tempting as he is the type of talent that usually gets drafted 20 picks before the Yankees are even on the clock. As of now I expect him to get picked in the top half of the first round.