In case you didn't know, the Yankees have an off day today. They'll be traveling up to Boston for a tough three-game series against the Red Sox, starting tomorrow night at Fenway. Masahiro Tanaka will take the mound in that contests, facing off against lefty Jon Lester.

The Yankees are coming off of a pretty big win in 12 inning yesterday day being blown out on Friday and Saturday. They needed to come out of Tampa with at least two wins in the four game series, and they did. Thankfully, we won' have to see that place again until August. Well, I might have to because I'll be going to a game there in June, but that's besides the point.

Speaking of off topic stuff, since it's an off day, I felt like talking about some things that are happening around the league, and not specifically about the Yankees.

  • Everybody is talking about the brawl in Pittsburgh yesterday between the Pirates and Brewers. It all started when Brewers center field Carlos Gomez drove a ball to deep center field off Gerrit Cole. Gomez thought that ball was long gone, so it started to do the pimp walk around the bases -- bat flip and all -- until the ball hit off the wall, ending up a triple for Gomez. After the play, Cole said some things to Gomez at third base, and that's when things escalated. Gomez had to be held back, the benches cleared, and eventually, punches were thrown. I understand why Cole was mad; no pitcher likes to be showed up the way he was when Gomez was doing his thing at the plate after hitting the ball, but for Gomez to take off his helmet and start swinging is just going too far.
  • It's Patriots Day in Boston, so the Red Sox and Orioles are playing the 11am game at Fenway. That's always a fun game to watch early in the morning. Last year's game, obviously, was followed with the bombings that took place at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, which is also taking place today.
  • Big matchup happening in Washington tonight, with the Los Angeles Angels coming to town. It'll be the first ever matchup between the two rookie sensations from 2012, with Bryce Harper and Mike Trout going head-to-head. In between playing my Houston Astros franchise on MLB The Show, I'll be tuning in to watch some of this game tonight.
  • Speaking of the Brewers, they're 14-5 and currently sitting in first place in the NL Central by three games over the St. Louis Cardinals. They've been one of the biggest surprise teams in the early going this season. I haven't really watched them at all, but I understand that their pitching has been carrying them up to this point. Let's see if it holds up.
  • Checking in on some former Yankees: The Marines are 7-11 through their first 18 games, and they've lost six in-a-row; Robinson Cano is hitting just .268 with one homerun and eight RBIs. Maybe he's just getting off to a slow start, or maybe it's the fact that he has very little protection in the lineup, and pitchers are getting to pitch around him more often. Curtis Granderson has gotten off to a super slow start for the Mets, who are 9-9. He's hitting .128 with just one homerun and five RBIs. He hit a walk-off sac-fly to win the game for the Mets yesterday, but that's no nearly enough to get the New York crowd off his back for now.
  • I found it interesting to find out that Chase Utley is leading the majors in batting average entering Monday, hitting .406 through 16 games. This guy has been pretty unlucky with injuries the past few years, and it's nice to see him swinging the bat well so far.
  • Albert Pujols is sitting three homeruns away from 500, and no one outside of Los Angeles seems to care about it, oddly enough. Personally, I think that the steroid era had a lot to do with tarnishing the homerun milestone, like 500 homeruns. I also think that a lot of people stopped following Pujols altogether when he ditched St. Louis after the 2010 World Series and signed with the Angles. I was a big supporter of him during his Cardinals days, but really stopped following when he left St. Louis. 

I'm sure there was something else I wanted to mention, but forgot about. Still there will be a lot going on around the league and in the sports world in general tonight, with the NBA and NHL playoffs underway.

You can use the comment section below to talk about those things, the other sports' playoffs, or even any Yankees topic you would like to discuss. Have fun with it.

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