Throughout spring training, we here at Yanks Beat Blog will be updating you on the the progress of the team. In this series, I will give weekly updates on the stats and performances of the Yankees prospects.

The term prospect will be used loosely here and will include a lot of fringe prospects, and some players that shouldn't be considered prospects. When this feature continues on into the year I will be more restrictive in my usage of the word prospect. The players will be listed in random order and the player stats will be listed after their names.

The following stats will be given to position players: games played, AVG, OBP, and SLG. Pitcher's stats will be: innings pitched, strike outs, ERA and WHIP.

1. Yangervis Solarte,  20/.457/.513/.629: Solarte has stayed hot all spring, and at this point it seems like he actually might make the club. I didn't not see this coming at all, as nothing about his minor league career suggests he is capable of this performance. Of course it is only spring training, but Solarte is young enough where you almost have to wonder if he is a later bloomer. I still wouldn't get my hopes up on him, but  after his spring performance one has to ask if he is better that Eduardo Nunez. It isn't even asking much.

2.  Adonis Garcia, 20/.414/.433/.483: Garcia has been very steady this spring, but hasn't blown people away to the same degree that Solarte has.He will begin the season in AAA and may get an opportunity if a couple of Yankee infielders get hurt. But for now I can't imagine the team clearing out a roster spot for him. It's hard enough imagining they waive someone for Solarte, and Garcia is one step below Solarte.

3. John Ryan Murphy, 14/.077/.111/.192: Not the best spring, but no reason to panic. He will begin the season in AAA, and might be on the trading block.

4. Dean Anna, 18/.265/.375/.265: Anna is still getting on base, but his overall numbers are down since his hot start. I think he will make the team with Brendan Ryan beginning the year on the disabled list.This is a pretty big break for him, and he will have a chance to prove himself at the major league ready. Projection systems seem to like him, which is a good reason to see what he's got. Anna is a wildcard, who may actually prove to be a better starting option than Brian Roberts.

6. Jose Pirela, 15/.348/.375/.522: Pirela is the prospect version of some of the previously mentioned infielders. Pirela has opened some eyes this spring, and has reportedly looked good in the minor league camp. Pirela should have a starting job in AAA, and will be given a decent shot to be teams future secondbaseman. Of course he will have to fight a lot of other names to earn that role.

7. Ramon Flores, 15/.259/.300/.407: Recent cut.

8. Mason Williams, 16/.167/.185/.250: Recent cut.

9. Austin Romine, 14/.185/.267/.185: Romine is currently in the minor league camp, where he will have a lot more reps and can finally get consistent playing time. Barring a trade he will begin the 2014 season in AAA.

10. Russ Canzler, 11/.150/.190/.150:  Canzler is over his back problems and playing again, but he won't make the team. He will have some role in AAA, but the infield is really crowded.

11. Dellin Betances, 10.1/9/.87/0.77:  I think it's safe to say that one of the Killer B's has finally arrived in the Bronx. He should begin the year in the majors and if everything goes right he might eventually be the second most trusted guy in the pen.

12. Cesar Cabral, 8/8/0.00/1.13: Cabral has really walked a lot of batters this spring but overall I'd say he has looked good. It isn't all about numbers at this point, and his role will be different if he makes the team.

13. Fred Lewis, 8.1/6/0.00/1.20: Lewis has looked pretty this spring, but I don't think the Yankees will open up a spot for him just yet. Lewis has been getting praise from Joe Girardi, so it does look like he has a future on team. The late bloomer will begin the season in AAA.

15. Danny Burawa, 8.1/2/2.16/1.08: Burawa has shown the Yankees that he deserves a shot and hopefully he will be given the majority of save opportunities in AAA. The Yankees have a lot of relief pitchers in AAA, so the Yankees need to make sure he gets his reps. The same could be said about Montgomery, who I think will be ready sometime this season.

20. Shane Greene: 6.2/10/2.70/0.90: Greene is quickly becoming one of my favorite prospects. Greene really looks like he has figured out how to use his stuff. I think his emergence allows the team to keep all of the pitchers fighting for the 5th rotation spot in the majors. Before I was against putting Vidal Nuno in the pen, because I thought they needed a starter ready in AAA. But now I feel that starter can be Shane Greene.