The MLB First Year Player Draft is a few weeks away, and while the MLB draft may not carry the same level of importance as the NFL or NBA draft, nor is as predictable, but there’s still a lot to talk about. By studying some of the past Yankee picks we may be able highlight some of the players the Yankees will be taking next month.

Over the past few years the Yankees have shown a willingness to redraft at least one player. A lot of teams do this, and it makes sense because if the team like a player one year, chances are they should like him in the future.

Last year the team redrafted Michael O’Neil—drafted in the 42 round in 2010 draft—with their 3rd round pick and Kevin Cornelius, the year before the team redrafted Nick Goody.

Here is a list of the players of players the team may end up redrafting this year, and some information on each player.

 RHP Josh Dezse: College Sr. HT: 6’4, WT 205 LBS.

Dezse is a right handed reliever, who is a college senior at Ohio State University. He was considered a very good reliever before last season, but a stress reaction in his back, led to him being passed by every single team in last year’s draft. Dezse is known for his strong arm, and has reached 100 MPH in the past.

The Yankees took Dezse out of high school in 2010, but failed to sign him. At the time he was both a pitching and hitting prospect. He threw two fastballs in the mid-90s and was a very exciting prospect. He also threw a curveball and a changeup when he was initially drafted.

Back in November 2012 he was rated as the 70th best college prospect, he couldn’t play in 2013, or 2014, which obviously affected his stock. His stock is obviously still at its nadir, but it’s possible that a team takes a risk on him, assuming that they feel he can come back.

He makes a lot of sense for the Yankees, as they will probably need a senior signing to not go over their draft budget, and they have had some history in taking college relievers within the first 10 rounds. He might not get drafted that high, but either way he makes a lot of sense for the Yankees.

RHP Ryan Butler: College JR. HT: 6’6, WT 230 LBS.


Ryan Butler is a starting pitcher, who attends the University of Charlotte. He had attended Marshall and Central Piedmont Community College in the past. His father was a former draft pick of the California Angels, and had played in the organization for five years. The Yankees selected RHP Ryan Butler in the 16th round as the 494th overall pick in the draft. Butler was on the 2010 Rawlings All-American and All-Region Atlantic Region Team.

The Yankees took Butler with their 16th round pick last year. The team offered Butler 200,000 dollars last season, which is way over slot, but he opted to return to Charlotte, where he was once a good high school prospect. Butler is a very interesting story. He has a mid-upper 90’s fastball, but has barely pitched over the past few years due to injury. The community college he attended didn’t even field a baseball team. The fact that the Yankees even heard of him last year, shows that they have some really good scouting connections.

It’s a shame they couldn’t draft him, as he really sounded like another Shane Greene. This season he has started throwing a changeup and breaking ball to compliment his fastball. His changeup is effective, but he only started throwing a breaking ball recently. He’s a project, but the Yankees have drafted projects in the past.

According to he is the 116th best prospect in this year’s draft, and Kiley McDaniel believes he will be taken near the third round. The Yankees should be willing to take him at that slot.

RHP Matthew Troupe: HT 6-1, WT 200 LBS.


Troupe was a closer for the University of Arizona, and Baseball America considered him a top 100 college prospect coming into this season. Unfortunately he needed Tommy John surgery, and his stock has fallen ever since. It’s unknown whether he will return to school next year, but he would be a really nice pick between rounds 5-10.

He throws a low 90s fastball, a slider, changeup and curveball. He seems to use his changeup and curveball more than his slider. He has enough stuff to start, and would have gotten an opportunity to do so if he didn’t get injured.

Troupe was drafted in 17th round in 2011 and the Yankees failure to sign him in particular was considered a bit surprising, and a disappointment by the team. They really seemed to like him in 2011, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they took him again.

RHP Jordan Foley: HT: 6-3 WT:223


Foley is a starter, and was ranked as a top 100 college prospect by BA coming into the year. In February BA ranked him as the 37th best college junior. I’m not sure if his stock is still that high, but Kiley McDaniel had him going in the fourth round in his pre-draft rankings.  

Foley throws an upper-90s fastball, a slider, a changeup, and a splitter. His slider is inconsistent, and some like his splitter better than his change. Foley has to improve his command, but his draft stock is where it is because he can maintain his 96 MPH fastball late.

The former 26th has developed into an intriguing pick, but the Yankees don’t usually draft that many college starters, so it doesn’t appear they will pick him, though they do change their draft style from year-to-year.

Other possible redrafts: Adam Ravenelle, Ryan Harris, Chris McCue, Tyler Mapes and Aaron Bummer. All of these players were high school pitchers when they were drafted and had stayed somewhat relevant since the draft. It’s obviously possible that another player gets redrafted, but these are the only names I continually hear about.