The Yankees are one of five finalists to land switch-hitting Cuban outfielder Daniel Carbonell, according to FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal. However, according to's Jesse Sanchez, the Yanks are not believed to be one of the team to present him with an offer.

Carbonell, 23, is currently working out in Mexico and is said to be looking for a four-year deal with an MLB club, and already has offers from five different teams on the table ranging from five-to-seven years.

The scouting reports on Carbonell have him as a speedy outfielder with some power. Although, he didn't show much of that power in Cuba last season before defecting, hitting .288 with two homeruns, six steal, 10 walks and 11 strikeouts in 117 games.

The Braves, Red Sox, and White Sox were the first teams to show interest in Carbonell, says Sanchez, but none of them are now actually interested in signing him. The Mariners and Yankees are two teams that Rosenthal says are finalists, but as I've mentioned, Sanchez has been told neither is believed to have made an offer.

We've saw several reports earlier this year suggesting that the Yankees would be making a big slpash in the internation market in hopes to replenish the dry farm system. They wouldn't really lose much by signing Carbonell as another outfield prospect.

We don't really know anything as far as the financial terms of what Carbonell might get, but he has until July 2nd to sign with a club, or he will be subjected to the international signing guidelines established by the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

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