Cesar Cabral had a really rough day on Friday. Not only did he pitch terribly versus Tampa Bay, but he also ended up losing his roster spot. The Yankees designated Cabral for assignment right after the game, and bought out the contract of Matt Daley from AAA.

Daley did very well in his short sample size last year, and had a high amount of strikeouts in AAA. Daley doesn’t throw hard but seemingly has the ability to strike out batters. Daley is mostly a fastball and curveball pitcher but he also throws a changeup.

Daley has been with the Yankees for several years as he had recovered from shoulder surgery. Before his surgery he was a useful reliever for the Colorodo Rockies and is someone the Yankees liked enough to help him rehab for several years.

Daley had a very good spring for the Yankees so it is no surprise that he is the first pitcher called up. If Daley fails in the majors the team will probably end up using one of the following players: Danny Burawa, Mark Montgomery, or Jose Ramirez. All these pitchers are much harder throwers, but don’t have Daley’s experience.

Losing Cabral would hurt, but the fact that Veal passed through waivers may be a good sign. If Cabral does leave the team could just give Fred lLwis his spot of the depth chart. Lewis and Cabral are similar enough that losing Cabral wouldn’t be a huge deal.