With their 5th round draft pick the Yankees selected Jordan Foley, a player who they had taken a couple of years ago. I wrote about him a couple of weeks ago. He actually has a bit of value, and if he had a better season this year he probably goes a round or two higher. He may or may not stick in the pen, but this late in the draft it’s worth taking a risk and finding out. For a 5th rounder he’s a pretty good right handed pitcher.

This is what I wrote about him a few weeks ago.

Foley is a starter, and was ranked as a top 100 college prospect by BA coming into the year. In February BA ranked him as the 37th best college junior. I’m not sure if his stock is still that high, but Kiley McDaniel had him going in the fourth round in his pre-draft rankings. 


Foley throws an upper-90s fastball, a slider, a changeup, and a splitter. His slider is inconsistent, and some like his splitter better than his change. Foley has to improve his command, but his draft stock is where it is because he can maintain his 96 MPH fastball late.


The former 26th has developed into an intriguing pick, but the Yankees don’t usually draft that many college starters, so it doesn’t appear they will pick him, though they do change their draft style from year-to-year.