Dante Bichette Jr. has has had a very up and down Yankee career. He initially was thought of as an overdraft by the Yankees in the 2011 draft, but proved his critics wrong with a strong debut season. After the 2011 season he was actually considered one of the Yankees better prospects. The Yankees even chose to be aggressive with him; allowing him to skip the NYPL and start the 2012 season in A-ball. If you know anything about the way the Yankees promote prospects you'd realize that they are rarely aggressive. They only push prospects hard if they think they're elite.  Unfortunately Bichette didn't live up to teams high expectations and he has struggled both defensively and offensively the past two season. Fortunately reports out of minor league spring training is that he has made some necessary changes to his swing. He has apparently simplified his swing, and that may make a big difference next season. The following link by Baseball Prospectus identifies some of the changes that he has made. http://www.baseballprospectus.com/article.php?articleid=23087

The same link talks about Aaron Judge, who is another Yankee first round pick. Judge is a massive individual and the article talks about some of the things that can stop him from reaching his potential. Of course the article also mentions he has 25 homerun potential, and great bat speed. His bat speed should allow him to get to the ball despite his large frame. There's no question that he has a lot to prove, but he has a lot of potential and the team should be very excited to have him in the system. 

The next link lists the top 20 DSL/VSL players from last season. Only one Yankee made the list, but that one player has enormous potential. Jorge Mateo is described as a player with a run tool of 80. While some speedsters are raw base-stealers Mateo has already shown that he is a true base-stealing threat.Mateo had one of the highest wSB in baseball last season, finishing around the same spot as Billy Hamillton. Power isn't Mateo's only tool, as he is also supposed to develop good power. His hit tool is a bit of a mystery, but overall he might have the highest ceiling of any of the team's shortstop prospects. That's a pretty big deal as the team has some good shortstops at the lower levels.

The link to the entire article can be found here:http://www.baseballamerica.com/international/2013-international-reviews-index/

Lastly, Donnie Collins, who is a beat writer for the Yankees AAA affiliate, has began his ranking of the teams top 15 prospects. As a beat writer he has a very unique perspective on who the team's best prospects are, and he seems to focus heavily and major league ready talent. So far he has ranked Nik Turley, and Rob Segedin-- #15 and #14. Both players are ranked a lot higher on his list than others, but he does a good job of explaining his picks, and his articles are really worth reading.

Here's the link. http://blogs.thetimes-tribune.com/railriders/index.php/category/top-prospects/